Extra manufacturing may be applied to athletic clothing to prevent shrinking, particularly if it is crafted from 100% polyester or other synthetic materials. However, if they consist of a blend of materials, some shrinking might still occur.

When it comes to Dri Fit shirts, there's a possibility of observing shrinkage during the laundry process for Nike Dri Fit garments, especially if they comprise a mixture of synthetic and natural fibers. The problem often arises due to the use of hot water and high dryer heat settings. While it might be challenging to shrink the 100% polyester versions, the blends are likely to shrink slightly. Let’s start the blog to gain more and more insights.

  • Tip 1: Ensure to launder Nike Dri Fit apparel in cold water to prevent potential shrinking, as hot water may lead to this outcome.
  • Tip 2:To preserve the integrity of your Dri Fit garments, avoid washing them with clothing featuring zippers. The friction from zippers can cause damage to the Dri Fit fabric.

Will Dri Fit Shrink?

You may observe some shrinking when you wash your Nike Dri Fit clothing. Typically, the dryer is responsible for this shrinkage. If you wish to prevent your clothing from shrinking, it's advisable to refrain from using the dryer.

Opting for hang drying is the optimal method to safeguard your Nike Dri Fit garments and maintain their original size.

Intentionally trying to shrink the clothing is risky because there's no automatic stop to prevent the process from going too far. This may result in over-shrinking and ruining the outfit. Instead, it's advisable to purchase a smaller size of the same shirt if needed. It is because polyester, the primary material in Dri Fit fabric, typically resists shrinking and only deforms when exposed to heat.

  • Tip 3: Avoid exposing your Dri Fit clothes to high heat because it can make them shrink or lose their shape.
Will Dri Fit Shirts Shrink?

 Does Dri Fit Shrink in the Wash?

Usually, this fabric doesn't shrink in the wash, but many people wash these items in cold water to be safe. Some Dri Fit clothes might shrink in hot water, depending on what they're made of. Remember, Dri Fit is just the name Nike gives to its clothes. It's not a special fabric by itself. These clothes can be made of cotton, polyester, or a mix of both. Whether you want to shrink clothes, check the label to see what they're made of, and wash them as directed. Don't use the dryer because it might change the shape of the polyester fibers.


  • Tip 4: If you need to change the size of your Dri Fit clothes, consider taking them to a professional seamstress or tailor. They can adjust the size safely

Does Nike Dri Fit Shrink in the Dryer?

The outcome will vary based on the fabric used for the shirt or pants produced under this label. If the fibers are 100% cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, you can anticipate some shrinkage in the cotton fibers when exposed to higher heat levels.

If your shirt or pants are 100% polyester, the fibers will melt under high heat because polyester is like plastic. If they're a mix of cotton and polyester, they might change shape a bit. When you use the dryer, keep the heat low unless the label says otherwise. Wash your Dri Fit clothes like you wash regular polyester and cotton clothes. Remember, Dri Fit is just a brand name, not a special fabric.

  • Tip 5: Don't use bleach when washing these clothes. It can make the fibers weak, and colors may fade.

Nike Dri Fit Shrink in the Dryer

Can Dri Fit Go In The Dryer?

You can use the dryer for your clothes. If you use low or no heat, your clothes might not get dry. If you use too much heat, especially with clothes that have both natural and polyester fibers, they might shrink, or the polyester might melt and change shape.

Polyester doesn't usually shrink, but it can melt in high dryer heat and ruin your clothes. If your clothes are made of cotton, they might shrink in the dryer, so be careful. The best way to dry your Dri Fit clothes is to hang them up. In that case, you can avoid a lot of problems. 

  • Tip 6: Don't use fabric softener when washing your Dri Fit clothes. The chemicals in fabric softeners can interfere with Dri Fit's ability to wick away moisture.

Is There a Way to Shrink Dri Fit Shirts?

If the Dri Fit shirts are made with cotton or 100% cotton, they can shrink. The dryer is best for this because its high temperatures relax the fibers so they can shrink. But if your Dri Fit clothes are made from 100% polyester, you can't shrink them without a professional. This can be costly, especially if you have many clothes to alter. Intentional shrinking comes with risks. Your clothes might shrink too much, and when you use a lot of heat, the polyester can change shape. As we know, polyester doesn't shrink well, so your clothes might get ruined if you try.

Way to Shrink Dri Fit Shirts

Best Way to Shrink a Dri Fit Shirt

If you want the best and safest method, take your Dri Fit shirts to tailors and let the professionals change the fabric for you. Unless the clothing items are mixed with cotton, bamboo, rayon, or wool, you won’t be able to shrink the shirts or pants.

Even then, a blend may not shrink much because the polyester fibers help natural fibers resist shrinking. When you have a Dri Fit shirt that's too big, make sure it's made from 100% natural fibers. The other best and safest way to shrink your clothing is to go back to the store and buy the exact same thing in a size that fits.

How to Shrink Dri Fit Shorts

We looked on the Nike website, and there isn't a single article by Nike experts that gives instructions on how to shrink their clothing. This suggests that it's nearly impossible to shrink their clothing line unless it's made from the appropriate natural fibers.If you decide to attempt shrinking your Dri Fit shorts, the risk is yours to take. Try washing them in hot water and then putting them in a hot dryer for a full cycle. If your shorts aren't ruined, they might be a bit smaller.

How to Shrink Dri Fit Shorts

Some Final Words

Just because a famous sports clothing company makes the clothes doesn't mean they have special powers. Clothes like Dri Fit follow the rules of the materials they're made from. So, if you want to make Dri Fit clothes smaller, you can either have them changed by a professional or buy a smaller size. Trying to shrink them yourself might just waste your money.

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