Would you want a Goyard bag? Knowing about the price of the Goyard bag is important because of its popularity and craftsmanship. It can be difficult to determine the cost of these premium items without direct internet sales or clear pricing.

This blog explains the factors that affect the cost of a Goyard bag, such as design, material, and location, as well as what to expect financially. This blog is a comprehensive guide that explains how to check if your bag is legitimate or not.

History of Goyard

The history of Goyard is a tale of artistic brilliance. Ever since its establishment in 1853, Goyard has been associated with elegance and refinement. Edmond Goyard designed the recognizable dotted Goyardine pattern in 1892, and this unique hand-painted canvas is a key component of the brand's identity.

This design, which was influenced by the Morvan forest's log roads, has become Goyard's prestigious reputation for perfection in terms of quality.

The Beginnings of Goyard

Goyard's Origins

The House of Martin, a well-known trunks manufacturer founded by Pierre-François Martin in 1792, is where Goyard got its start. The luxury luggage sector was greatly influenced by the House of Martin, which excelled in the production of boxes, trunks, and packing. Its reputation was increased by its connections to the French nobility, which included King Louis IX.

The most famous Goyard bag, the Saint Louis bag, got its name from King Louis IX, who was referred to as "Saint Louis."

Maison Goyard was founded when François Goyard bought the House of Martin in 1853. The rebranding marked the official beginning of the brand as it exists today, laying the groundwork for a history rich in uniqueness and elegance.

Global Pricing of Goyard Bags

Goyard Bag Prices

Price Euro €
Price USD $
Saint Louis PM
€ 1,350
Saint Louis GM
€ 1,500
Artois PM
€ 1,850
Artois MM
€ 2,050

A Goyard bag is expensive due to its reputation as a high-end investment. However, the price structure is dynamic.

Every year, Goyard modifies the pricing of its bags; the biggest price increase in history occurred in 2022 when the cost of a black Goyard St Louis PM bag increased by 26% over the previous year.

Globally speaking, Goyard bags range widely in price, with higher-end models costing up to $6,300 and simpler designs starting at about $500.

 Several elements, including fluctuating local market demand, import taxes, and currency exchange rates, are responsible for the regional pricing differences for Goyard bags.

Price Range on Goyard Bags

Cost Range for Goyard Purses

Goyard bags are affordable and suitable for a wide range of budgets. The Saint Louis GM costs approximately $1,900, while the Saint Louis PM costs approximately $1,600. Compared to that, the Saint Louis XXL costs approximately $2,300. 

A Goyard bag's cost is affected by several elements, including the model, size, materials, construction, and customization possibilities.

Limited edition Goyard bags are more expensive, priced from about $3,050 for the Goyard Belvedere MM Bag to $4,450 for the Goyard Saigon PM Bag. These limited edition bags are still in demand because of their distinctive patterns and uniqueness, even at a higher price.

Regional Variations on Prices

A Goyard bag might vary significantly in price depending on where you get it. There can be differences in regional pricing due to taxes, customs fees, and other necessary charges. As a result, customers must bear it, which can ultimately affect the final price.

The differences in Goyard bag prices among different countries can be related to fluctuations in currency exchange rates, regional economic circumstances, and pricing tactics that take into account products' perceived worth and the willingness and capacity of the target market to make purchases.

For example, the Saint Louis tote retails for approximately $1,600 for the PM size, $1,900 for the GM size, and $2,300 for the XXL size. Nevertheless, these costs could alter depending on things like taxes, tariffs, and exchange rates.

Guide on Goyard Bags Around the World

We have analyzed Goyard's pricing worldwide so you can get a general idea of what bags will cost in your area. 

Prices in EU/UK

Goyard Prices EU/UK

Price Euro €
Price Pounds £
Anjou Mini
€ 1,950
Anjou PM
€ 2,250
Anjou GM
€ 2,550
Saint Louis PM
€ 1,350
Saint Louis GM
€ 1,500
Artois PM
€ 1,850
Artois MM
€ 2,050


Prices in North America

Goyard Prices North America

Price USD $
Anjou Mini
Anjou PM
Anjou GM
Saint Louis PM
Saint Louis GM
Artois PM
Artois MM
Artois GM


Prices in Japan

Goyard Prices Japan

Price Yen ¥
Anjou Mini
Anjou PM
Saint Louis PM
Saint Louis GM
Artois MM
Artois GM

Prices in Singapore

Goyard Prices Singapore

Price Singapore Dollar (SGD)
Anjou Mini
SGD 3,580
Saint Louis PM
SGD 2,390
Saint Louis GM
SGD 2,780
Artois GM
SGD 2,780

Second-Hand Prices

pricing for used goods

Goyard purses, which are highly sought-after and have a reputation for being elusively charming, are frequently out of reach in regular retail settings.

Particularly if you don't reside near one of the few Goyard retail locations. making it challenging to obtain a brand-new purse.

Purchasing a used luxury bag is an option if you don't want to buy a new one. We close this gap at CollectorsCage by making the unachievable possible by providing these rare treasures for sale.

Selecting a pre-owned Goyard from our inventory not only allows you to avoid paying retail costs by 20–40%, but it also gives you ownership of an opulent piece of luxury that many people only dream of.

Purchasing secondhand products not only saves you money over retail costs, but it also benefits the environment by lowering waste and the negative effects of new manufacturing on the environment.

Collectors' cages worldwide delivery makes the extremely rare designer bags more accessible.

With CollectorsCage, you can embrace eco-friendly elegance and global access to high-end designer bags while also being environmentally conscious.

Goyard Bag Size Guide

Size Chart for Goyard Bags

What size is a Goyard bag, you ask? Perhaps this is your next inquiry after learning how much Goyard bags cost.

To address this query, we have given you thorough advice on bag sizes.

The PM and GM are the two sizes you will see the most frequently, although Goyard offers a range of sizes to meet the demands of a wide range of customers. 

Goyard offers a variety of bags to suit your needs, whether you're searching for a small bag for daily use or a larger bag for travel. For instance, the Goyard Artois tote is available in PM, MM, and GM sizes, and the Goyard Saint Louis is available in PM, GM, and XXL sizes.

The appropriate size for you will depend on your unique requirements and preferences. Here are some alternatives to think about:

  • Goyard St Louis PM size: appropriate for daily usage
  • Goyard St Louis GM size: ideal for travel, offers ample room for your items
  • Goyard St Louis XXL size: provides the highest carrying capacity.

The closure system of the bag, such as a strong zipper top, also influences the choice.

Size Categories on Goyard Bags

Goyard offers a range of size categories to meet various demands.

For example, the dimensions of the Goyard PM bag are roughly 28 cm (10 inches) by 15 cm (5 ½ inches) by 34 cm (13 inches).

In contrast, the dimensions of the GM bag are approximately 34 cm (13 inches) x 20 cm (7 inches) x 40 cm (15 inches).

These size classifications are made to meet a wide range of customer's needs and preferences.

Goyard offers other size categories in addition to the PM and GM sizes. Among them are:

  • The Saint Louis model has a detachable pouch for increased versatility. It is offered in PM, GM, and XXL sizes.
  • The Artois tote has matching leather top handles and corners and is offered in three sizes: PM, MM, and GM.
  • The Anjou is in the following sizes: GM, PM, MM, and Mini.

These various sizes accommodate a range of demands and tastes. Goyard provides bags that are appropriate for daily use as well as formal events.

Popular Models Size Guide

Popular Goyard models come in a variety of sizes and dimensions. For this reason, we have created a size chart for the most well-liked bags from Goyard:

Bag Size Chart

Dimensions inches (W x H x D)
Dimensions cm (W x H x D)
Goyard Saint Louis PM
11″ x 19″ x 6″
28 X 48 X 15
Goyard Saint Louis GM
13″ x 23″ x 7″
33 X 58 X 17
Goyard Artois PM
9.5″ x 12″ x 5.25″
24 X 30 X 13
Goyard Artois MM
11″ x 14.5″ x 6.25″″
28 X 36 X 15
Goyard Anjou PM
11″ x 19″ x 6″
28 X 48 X 15
Goyard Anjou GM
13″ x 23″ x 7″
33 X 58 X 17
Goyard Isabelle
13.4" X 11.0" X 5.9 "
34 X 28 X 15

Choosing the Right Size

The right size for a Goyard bag depends on the user's preferences and expected daily use.

For example, the Anjou bags and traditional Goyard St. Louis.  can be used for similar occasions and are available in the same sizes.

The Goyard Saint Louis tote bag comes with a separate pouch and is available in PM, GM, and XXL sizes to accommodate different carrying capacities. It can be used for both travel and everyday tasks.

There is a direct relationship between Goyard bags' sizes and prices. Mostly, the price of a bag increases with its size.

While choosing the bag, you should consider your budget as well as the perks you want in your bag. 

Why Goyard Stands Out

Identified by its characteristic Goyardine canvas, Goyard stands out among the many luxury brands due to its unique combination of exclusivity, quality, and cultural assets.

Every Goyard bag is carefully crafted utilizing ancient ancestral methods that combine modern innovation with ancient ways, giving them a unique look and broad appeal.

The durable blend of hemp, linen, and cotton known as Goyardine canvas is mostly used to make Goyard bags.

The Goyardine canvas is further treated with a unique waterproofing solution to ensure exceptional quality and durability, further enhancing the brand's allure. These minimal details make these bags unique.

Exclusivity of Goyard

Goyard's exclusivity contributes to its appeal. As part of its high-end retail strategy, the business has decided against selling its products online to maintain exclusivity and brand status.

This choice has surely added to the popularity of Goyard bags and increased their demand.

The Goyard is committed to luxury and traditional workmanship, which is why its products are restricted in quantity. Customers have a sense of timeliness as a result of this purposeful scarcity, which raises demand and enhances the perceived worth and exclusivity of the products.

The Craftsmanship Behind Goyard Bags

Every bag that Goyard makes is evidence of its dedication to quality craftsmanship. Every Goyard bag, particularly the Goyardine canvas, is painstakingly made utilizing a unique and exclusive process. 

It is a laborious procedure that combines traditional methods with modern approaches, demonstrating the brand's commitment to durability and quality.

A significant component of what makes Goyard bags so appealing is the material they are made of. Goyard bags come with Clamecy Cowhide Yellow Cotton Lining in addition to the well-known Goyardine canvas. 

Their use of cotton canvas and coated linen sets them apart from other high-end manufacturers that usually use suede, leather, or nylon.

Materials and Design

Goyardine canvas, the trademark material of Goyard purses, is a finely woven fabric composed of cotton and linen that has been delicately coated with natural resin. This material gives Goyard bags several benefits, including:

  • Softness and lightweight
  • Sturdiness
  • Resistance to water
  • Durability

It serves as the main component and is necessary for the brand to stand out.

To increase its endurance, the Goyardine canvas goes through a special waterproofing procedure. 

The superior materials and meticulous attention to detail employed in the creation of Goyard bags greatly add to their durability and value retention over time.

Leather and Durability Features That Define Value

Goyard purses are more than just luxurious and fashionable; they also represent sturdiness and practicality. With its substantial storage capacity, sturdy yet lightweight design, reinforced Chevroches leather corners, and top handle, each bag is painstakingly constructed.

These characteristics increase the bag's worth by providing protection and extending its lifespan.

A key component of Goyard bags is the leather corners. By hardening the bag's bottom and other weak spots, they offer extra defense against deterioration. This well-thought-out design increases the bag's overall resilience and facilitates carrying.

Evolution and Legacy of the Brand

The Brand's Development and Legacy

Goyard's transformation from Maison Martin to a well-known luxury brand throughout the world is a testament to its timeless appeal. In 1885, the business saw a dramatic makeover under Edmond Goyard's direction, and it was renamed E. Goyard Aîné. 

The debut of the hand-painted Goyardine design in 1892, which was influenced by the family's ancestry, was a significant step in this journey.

Goyard has maintained its standing as a top luxury brand in Paris throughout the years by withstanding ownership changes and emphasizing artisanal quality and craftsmanship. 

An important turning point was the Goyardine canvas's launch in 1892, which sparked the production of a number of goods, including totes and shoulder bags.

In the luxury market today, Goyard is a prominent brand because it makes high-quality bags with strong resale value, particularly in tote bag shapes. Making the Paris-based brand one of the most desired in the designer bag market.

Iconic Models

Famous Models

Several enduring Goyard models have become icons for the company. The following are a few of Goyard's most recognizable totes and shoulder bags:

  • The Goyard Saint Louis, which bears Louis IX's name, is renowned for its progressively robust leather top handles and lightweight, reversible Goyardine fabric.
  • The Anjou gram bag is made of materials that are comparable to those of the Saint Louis bag but has a detachable pouch, a leather interior, and reversibility.
  • The four Chevroches Calfskin corners and top handle, zip closing, structured design, and organized pocket set the Artois mm bag apart.

Goyardine, a combination of hemp, linen, and cotton, is used to make the Goyard Saint Louis, Anjou GM, and Artois MM. In order to increase its longevity, this material goes through a special waterproofing procedure, demonstrating Goyard's commitment to quality and longevity in its well-known bags.


In summary, the worth and allure of Goyard purses stem from their:

  • Past Events
  • Artistry
  • Exclusive Design

Every tote bag is a work of art, lovingly constructed with premium materials and age-old methods. Tote bags are in high demand by those who follow fashion because they are a representation of exclusivity and luxury

Goyard bags range in price and size from one country to the next and bag to bag. Therefore, before purchasing a Goyard bag, we advise you to do an extensive study.

A Goyard bag is a wise purchase regardless of whether you collect expensive stuff or just value finer things in life.


In conclusion, Goyard purses are more than just fashion pieces. They combine exclusivity, workmanship, and heritage.

Goyard bags have a distinctive appeal that makes them stand out, thanks to their precise craftsmanship, long heritage, and distinctive design and materials. Their allure is enhanced by their exclusivity, which elevates them to the status of a symbol of sophistication and luxury.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Goyard bags?

A carefully chosen selection of genuine Goyard bags is available at CollectorsCage. Click here!

Why is Goyard so hard to buy?

Goyard's limited distribution channels and exclusive nature add to its rarity. The company maintains a small number of boutiques throughout the world and emphasizes quality rather than quantity.

Is Goyard real leather?

Indeed, Goyard's bags are made with real leather, which is a distinguishing feature of the company's craftsmanship.

Nonetheless, the Goyardine canvas, which boasts the recognizable hand-painted Goyardine pattern, is frequently confused for genuine leather. 

Their products are light, soft, strong, water-resistant, and long-lasting because they are constructed of linen and cotton rather than real leather and are covered with a light, natural resin. making sure the bag is appropriate for daily usage.

Are Goyard Bags Water-Resistant?

Goyard purses are renowned for their robustness and resistance to regular use. 

Goyard uses coated Goyardine canvas, which is more water-resistant than untreated leather and features the recognizable hand-painted Goyardine pattern. This indicates that the Goyardine canvas has some degree of moisture and light rain resistance.

It's crucial to remember that Goyard bags are not completely waterproof, despite their relative resistance to water. 

You still run the risk of damaging your Goyard bag if you expose it to extended wetness, standing water, or heavy rain. It's advisable to take preventative measures and keep your Goyard bag away from excessive dampness  to ensure its longevity

How do I clean my Goyard bag?

Use a delicate cloth to carefully remove any surface dust or grime from your Goyard bag. For certain stains, apply a gentle leather cleanser.

When not in use, store it carefully and keep it away from hostile environments.

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